25 March 2013

General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 25th March

General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 25th March

General Knowledge is an important parameter which decides that either candidates passed exam or failed. So make yourself ready to grasp the latest general knowledge and current affairs questions every day. This is the step taken by AllGovtJobs to provide its reader beneficial knowledge.

1.       United Nation has released “One Women” album on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Name of the Indian Artist who has the member of this album?

a.       A.R. Rahaman
b.      Anoushka Shankar
c.       Malika Sarabhai
d.      Amzad Ali Khan

Answer: Anoushka Shankar

2.      The Government of India and the RBI to introduce one billion pieces of Rs 10 notes in polymer/plastic on a field trial basis. The trial will conducted in five cities. Which the following is not among them?

a.       Shimla
b.      Jaipur
c.       Nagpur
d.      Bhubaneswar

Answer: Nagpur

3.      On 12th March, 2013 the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee attended the celebration of 45th Anniversary of Independence of which country?

a.       Maldive
b.      Sri Lanka
c.       Vietnaam
d.      Mauritius

Answer: Mauritius

4.      On Feb 14th 2013 India has conclude $ 6 billion Missile deal with which country?

a.       Russia
b.      France
c.       England
d.      USA

Answer: France

5.      The first indigenously developed weaponised helicopter was handed over to India Army on 8th Feb, 2013 is -----?

a.       Rudra
b.      Varun
c.       Chetak
d.      Indra

Answer: Rudra

6.      Mata Jijabai Award for 2012 was given to -----?

a.       Smt. Omana T.K
b.      Ms. Sonika Agarwal
c.       Smt. Guramma H. Sankina
d.      Smt. Olga D’mello

Answer: Ms. Sonika Agarwal

7.      Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Award, 2012 confer to -----?

a.       Smt. Pranita Talukdar
b.      Smt. Omana T.K
c.       Smt. Olga D’mello
d.      Smt. Guramma H. Sankina

Answer: Smt. Olga D’mello

8.      Name the renowned soccer player who on 9th Dec, 2012 set the record for most goals in calendar year by scoring his 86th goal of 2012?

a.       David Beckham
b.      Lionel Messi
c.       Cristiano Ronaldo
d.      Roberto Carlos

Answer: Lionel Messi

9.      Which team on Dec 15, 2012 won the 3rd World Cup Kabaddi Tournament for the 3rd consecutive time in the Men’s category & second consecutive time in the Women’s category?

a.       India
b.      Pakistan
c.       Australia
d.      England

Answer: India

10.  Which country won the Junior Table Tennis Championship claiming all the titles?

a.       Germany
b.      China
c.       Hungary
d.      Sweden

Answer: China

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